Specialists in Deep Water Control Systems

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Specializing in Deep Water Control Systems
GlobalTech exemplifies the customer oriented approach in its quality engineered products with competitive pricing and streamlined lead times.


Services for the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry
GlobalTech also offers complete customer service, not just in engineering and design, but in training, maintenance, repairs and installation.


Complete Line of PBOF Cable Assemblies & Connectors

We are proud to announce our complete line of connectors. We are now engineering and manufacturing our 4, 6 & 8 Pin PBOF Cable Assemblies & Connectors along with our 29 Pin CCP Mux Connectors. All are fully compatible with the pre-existing VCC connectors, but to a higher quality standard.



FCR Test Kit for the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry
GlobalTech is proud to anounce that we are now offering a complete FCR Test Kit. The pressure test kit is designed to ensure the integrity of all the FCR type connectors and to be portable for field pressure barrier testing. The pressure test kit works universally for all FCR type connectors up to 5,000 psi.



GlobalTech Subsea Inc.

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